SteelStyle worktop

Design and creation of custom, stainless steel worktop, for domestic and professional kitchens.
All the components are made 304 18-10 st. steel, plates have a thickness of 8/10 or 10/10, with a V 100 water repellent particle board as support.
The use of stainless steel in the kitchen has long been known and appreciated for the absolute hygiene and easiness cleaning.

Each product is unique, like the kitchen that wearing it. It's made to measure according to specific customer requirements.

The ability to create custom projects is the result of countless variations and combinations, working perimeter as backsplashes, water lip in different heights, beveled edges, wood or Corian combination.


SteelStyle: stainless steel worktops

To choose MOVAMO means selecting a special partner, with experience in the crafting of high-quality products for the kitchens. Advanced technologies and the precious handwork that comes from long tradition are entwined at the heart of our creativity and are highly appreciated worldwide.

Stainless steel craftsmen

MOVAMO is highly specialised and crafts handmade stainless steel artefacts of very high technological and artistic value. The worktops are tailor-made according to the customer's specifications. Each solution is an individual statement which will remain unique as time goes by.

Haute couture

The stainless steel worktops of MOVAMO are products in which the human factor is the real added value. A team of highly-skilled professionals controls the whole manufacturing process, from selecting the raw materials to the final check on the finished product. Each custom-made worktop is a unique artifact.

Style and technology

The custom-made stainless steel worktops are meant for people who love an up-to-date kitchen to live and inhabit each day. They can be modelled in sinuous or minimal shapes, cut to thick or thin profiles but they all take advantage of the noblest of materials, stainless steel, which through sophisticated technology is shaped to turn dreams into reality.

Stainless steel

MOVAMO uses just stainless steel, a timeless material which lasts forever, is 100% recyclable and highly hygienic. Our custom-made products are manufactured exclusively with the best-quality stainless steel. AISI 304 (EN 1.4301) is an austenitic stainless steel with a content of 18%-20% of Chrome and 8%-10% of Nickel, a composition which confers to this material the very best resistance to corrosion. AISI 316 (1.4401) is an even more precious alloy, which thanks to its Molybdenum content has an even higher resistance to corrosion. This material is particularly adapted to an outdoor use also in a salt-rich environment.
Stainless steel worktop is an excellent solution not just for aesthetic reasons but because it is strong, hygienic, resistant to thermal shock and corrosion of detergents too. It's the best choice of material for the kitchen use. That's why it is the material of choice in professional kitchens worldwide. The performance however depend on two factors that are the essential cornerstones for MOVAMO: quality of the raw material and the craftsmanship manufacturing process.


Welcome to MOVAMO corporate. We are one of the leading suppliers of high-quality furniture made of stainless steel and solid wood as well as contract furniture and custom solutions.


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