Our company solutions are the combination of perfect shapes and creative ideas, with our products and services we make new friendly and well designed environment for you because our aim is to become your best friend and great helper. Working closely with our clients, we are able to develop spaces and products that respond to individual needs.

Why choose MOVAMO

Think global, act global

Our products and services are the result of creative influences from all over the world, for all around the world

Quality and customizations

Our creations are the result of a balance between quality, processing, design and experience

Create for anyone, for you

What we create for you is reserved for you

From Croatia with Love

From Croatia with Love

We believe that good designs create good spaces. That is why MOVAMO is collaborating with young designers. It is equally important for our products to have both a beautiful, unique design and be functional for their users, have a long life and have a minimum impact on the environment.
Sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility

MOVAMO will do what it can in order to help bring about a better and fairer world. That is why we do not take any short cuts or make any compromises in respect of quality, the environment and production conditions.


MOVAMO always delivers quality. We use environmentally certified high-quality material. Our products are sturdily engineered and come with a lifetime antirust warranty. All our furniture is produced in Europe and Croatia in environmentally certified factories.


Welcome to MOVAMO corporate. We are one of the leading suppliers of high-quality furniture made of stainless steel and solid wood as well as contract furniture and custom solutions.


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